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Central Machinery Wood Lathe from Harbor Freight

by Kermett Adams on 12/11/12


I recently needed to purchase a new mini lathe and I went with one that I had been thinking of for a long time. At a Harbor Freight store I bought a mini lathe made by Central Machinery. It is the 8 X 12 Bench Top Wood Lathe. This lathe is made in China as many of the shop tools are today. This high quality wood lathe is ideal for wooden lure making or many other crafts, hobbies and professional detail on woodworking projects. The 1/3 HP motor allows the wood lathe to reach speeds up to 3,200 RPM for quick and precise work on your projects. This 1/3 HP motor is more power than some other mini lathes that have ΒΌ HP motors. The variable speed switch allows for speed settings between 750 RPM and 3200 RPM. The lathe includes a #1 Morse taper head and tail stock. This lathe runs smoothly and is actually quieter than the Grizzly lathes I have used. This is a great wood lathe for any hobbyist or lure maker.


The price was great as well. This lathe normally sells for $150 but is on sale now at Harbor Freight for $125.It comes with a free 90 warranty. I bought an additional one year warranty for $25  . If in 14 months the belt breaks or a switch fails I can return the lathe for a brand new lathe at zero cost. A sales person  told me that you can do that process over and over again with this warranty.

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